Global Assessment of Functioning Calculator


The GAF scale is to be rated with respect only to psychological, social, and occupational functioning. Therefore, the GAF calculator does NOT contain any questions regarding impairment in functioning related to physical (e.g., inability to walk due to paralysis of a limb) or environmental limitations (e.g., poverty).

Further, when using the GAF calculator in clinical situations, the following limitations must be recognized:

  • The accuracy of the GAF calculator is limited by the validity of the answers provided to its questions. Therefore, the GAF calculator should only be used after a comprehensive clinical evaluation has been conducted by an individual with clinical skills.
  • Although the author and publishers have gone to great lengths to ensure the quality of the GAF calculator, unforeseen problems might still be present. The author and publishers are not responsible for any inaccurate GAF rating that may result from the use of this application.